Hook Lift Hoist - Features & Benefits

4-Year ALL Parts & 1-Year Labor Warranty

  • Don’t be fooled by the oh-so common partial (structural or select parts) warranties floating around.
  • Buy with confidence, knowing we won’t make you chase our vendors to make good on their warrantied parts.
  • Get it in writing, no fine print and you won’t hear the old “Trust Us” trick.
  • World’s Best Warranty because we’re “HOOKED ON QUALITY”!
  • Warranty Statement

SwapLoader’s Family of Hook Lift Hoists

  • 14 Hoist Models
  • Capacities ranging from 10,500 lb. up to 65,000 lb., depending on hoist model.
  • Accommodate body lengths of 10′ to 24′, depending on hoist model.
  • Adjustable Jib height option, currently offered on five models.
  • Move up or down in capacity by mixing and matching different hoist models into your fleet, as your needs
    change and grow. Consult your local SwapLoader Distributor and/or your SwapLoader Territory Manager for details.
  • All Models Spec Sheet

Sliding Jib Design

  • True horizontal movement across the working platform, without lifting off.
  • Remain within the safety of the Rear Body Locks throughout a majority of Jib travel.
  • Able to transfer weight rearward in an emergency overload situation, while body remains inside the safety of the Rear Body Locks.

Slide Through Rear Body Locks

  • Effortless Engagement
  • Up to 18″ of engagement on all hoists, select hoists much greater distances (see SwapLoader sub-frame
    drawings under Models section for details).
  • Safely secures loads during transport, dump and weight transfer situations.
  • Overturn Protection Built-in

Dual Lift/Dump Cylinders

  • Best load handling stability in the industry, especially while working in uneven ground situations.
  • Extended life expectancy, by spreading workload and stress evenly across tandem lift/dump cylinders. All
    other hoist components also enjoy the same benefit and longevity.

Dual Rear Pivot Section

  • Provides hoist with true dump capabilities.
  • Combine with lift cylinders to offer incredibly high dump angles, up to 58°.
  • Achieve max dump angle with a wider range of body lengths.
  • Provides increased (pry bar) leverage when lifting stubborn or stuck containers off the ground.

Low Pressure Hydraulics

  • Designed for easy sharing with other hydraulically powered equipment (spreaders, tarps, water tanks, etc.).
  • Allows for use with gear pump. Gear pumps are more tolerant to system contaminants, extremely reliable in
    ALL weather conditions and ideal for use with low-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • We utilize stackable Parker valve sections. They’re easy to add onto, inexpensive to replace (in comparison) and parts are readily available, even on the local level.
  • Max operating pressures of 2,800 PSI to 3,500 PSI, depending on hoist model.

Integral Dual Counterbalance Valves

  • A vital safety feature that automatically locks cylinders in place, should the operator experience a sudden or unexpected loss in pressure.
  • Built directly into the lift/dump cylinders, eliminating the chance of it being knocked off by a falling object.
  • Guarantees even extension and retraction between lift/dump cylinders, should the load shift to one side, while dumping.
  • Protects your investments; chassis, hoist, container & cargo. Most importantly, it protects your employees.
  • Flow controlling valves that require a minimum of 1,000 PSI to move the lift cylinders in either direction (power up & power down).

Jib Lockout Valve

  • Inhibits jib movement anytime the hoist engages the dual rear pivot by shutting off the circuit to the jib
  • Primarily designed to reduce the chances of the hoist being damaged should the driver pull the wrong lever
    while dumping.

Nylatron Slide Pads

  • Guards against material loss in both the hoist’s mainframe and container long rails (sub-frame).
  • Offers silent travel across the working platform.
  • Wipes debris from the bottom of the long rails (dirt, rock, snow, ice, etc..).
  • Designed as a wear (replaceable) item, with a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. Life span depends on a number of factors; loads handled per day, average load capacities and the working condition of the container long rails.

 Grease Zerks & Bronze Bushings

  • Allows for the expulsion of contaminants that may enter the pivot joints over time.
  • Bronze Bushings will last for many, many years if greased regularly (see Parts & Operations Manuals under Models section for details).

 Rigorous 4 Year Test Program

  • Equivalent to four years of field performance (under severe conditions) with a flawless record.

 Consistent Design

  • All SwapLoader Hook-lift Hoists enjoy the same great features and benefits. SwapLoader is the only hooklift
    manufacturer who can make this claim across the board.
  • From the SL-105 through the SL-650, the only differences are more steel and larger cylinders to
    accommodate the promised (true) capacity ratings.

 Made In USA

  • Manufactured in Des Moines, IA.
  • We incorporate a Parker gear pump & stackable valves in our basic package.
  • We use standard hoses, pipe, JIC & O-ring fittings.
  • No metric parts or adapters required to mask the use of metric parts.