Become a SwapLoader Hook Lift Distributor

Why become a SwapLoader Distributor?


Market Growth

Unlimited potential for “new market” growth

Increase Revenue

The opportunity to increase revenue through the sale of additional bodies and containers

Versatility & Flexibilty

Expanded versatility and flexibility to your customer through one truck with multiple bodies

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity to your customer through a quick and efficient means to “swap” out bodies and containers

Product Line

A full product line of hook lift hoists

Highest Quality

100% of our resources to the production of the highest quality hook lift hoist

Customer Support

Unmatched distributor and customer support

Product Training

Unequaled dedication to educating your entire team through onsite and factory training

Product Exposure

Continued product exposure through national ad campaign and trade shows

How will you differentiate from your competitors?


Sliding Jib

True horizontal movement across the hoist allowing the body to remain safely within the rear body locks throughout the jib travel.

Low Pressure Hydraulics

Built in protection should an unexpected loss in hydraulic pressure occur.

Dual Integral Counterbalance Valves

Expanded versatility and flexibility to your customer through one truck with multiple bodies

Dual Lift / Dump Cylinders

Superior safety and stability during mount, dismount, and dump cycles.

Slide Through Rear Body Locks

Safely secures body during transport, dump, and weight transfer situations.

Dual Rear Pivot Section

Provides true dump truck capabilities and increased leverage during the mount cycle.

4-Year All Parts Warranty

No exceptions, no exclusions, and no fine print.

Designed & Built in the U.S.A.

Utilizes readily available imperial fittings and parts. No metric parts!

Become a SwapLoader Distributor

The following check list will help guide you through the steps necessary to become a SwapLoader Distributor.

If you’re still not sure about becoming a SwapLoader Distributor fill out the form below and one of our Sales Managers will contact you.

Distributor Data Input Sheet:

This form assists us in filling out the distributorship documents accurately.

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Credit Application:

This form is used to assist in the determination of credit.

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Information Release Form:

This form allows your trade references to extend information to us.

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Last year and YTD financials:

This information is requested and necessary to extend credit and terms to your company.

SwapLoader Distributor Agreement:

This agreement will be sent to you after the first four items on this list have been sent in and reviewed.

Initial Order

for your demo or stock inventory unit(s): This is to be sent in with the signed distributor agreements.